Office Signs

Ensure everyone in the offices knows where the essentials are and reduce disturbances with office signs. Whether you need signs for the toilets, office door signs and plaques, or meeting room occupancy signs, you'll surely find what you need from our extensive range from popular brands such as Stewart Superior®, Taktyle®, and our exclusive brand Sitesafe®.

What are office signs?

Office signs are signage that are universally understood to help employees navigate the workplace and provides information which can help reduce disruptions. There are various signs available such as toilet signs, door signs, and meeting room signs, all available in a variety of materials.

When are office signs used?

As business and their offices start to upscale, there will be various facilities required by employees. Office signs are a helpful method to inform both employees and visitors of various facilities and locations around the site such as toilets, offices, meeting rooms, or even the method to open certain doors.

Considerations when choosing office signs

Message - Whether you require a male or female toilet sign, staff only sign, or office door sign, it's important to consider the messaging required for your office sign.
Size - The sign is an important consideration to ensure that the information provided can be easily read and identified from a distance.
Material - The material of the office sign is a consideration to ensure the sign is contrasting with the surroundings and can be easily seen or match the theme of the office.


Why is signage important in business?

Signage is important in a business to ensure public and confidential areas are well signposted to keep only relevant people in those areas. Within larger organisations, office signs can also help navigate employees throughout the workplace. Signage can also keep employees out of harm if there are any hazards in the way, you can find our range of safety signs here.