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Site Safety

In order to create a safety conscious workplace or site, it's critical that you possess the correct site safety equipment to minimise injuries and hazards in the workplace. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of site safety products from our trusted own brands Solent® and Sitesafe as well as leading brands such as Medikit, Reliance Medical, GPC and Centurion.

What is site safety?

Site safety is simply any product that has the function of keeping personnel - both visiting and working - on your site safe. From emergency equipment designed to help in the occurrence of an accident to signage to ensure personnel on your work site know of the necessary site safety protocols that your workplace has in place, site safety is critical no matter the industry and we have the right product for your needs.

Why site safety?

Depending on your industry and workplace, there are varying levels of regulations and governing bodies which determine what level of protection of you need to provide to personnel on your site. By law, all businesses in Britain must have a Health and Safety policy. Whether there are further specific standards that you must adhere to or not, site safety is vital for keeping workplace accidents down, protecting both people and equipment and for creating a safe working environment.

When are site safety products used?

Site safety products aren't exclusive to construction or building sites. In fact, all business and institutions will have some level of site safety applicable to them and they must have a Health and Safety policy by law. Examples of where site safety is used include schools, offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, automotive body shops or garages, commercial kitchens, public buildings and large venues. All premises that have personnel within them are subject to health and safety regulations and our range of site safety products will allow you to effectively protect all personnel on site.

Site safety product types

There are multiple ways of keeping your site safe from hazards that are preventative but also designed to deal with accidents when they do happen. Below, we have broken the types of site safety products down to help you better shop our range of products and find the right site safety solution for your workplace.

Fire safety    -   These products refer to anything which is designed to help keep personnel safe during a fire as well as preventing fires from occurring. Products such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, ashtrays and smoking bins and fire/smoke alarms are included here.

First aid   -   A mandatory part of many workplaces health and safety regulations, first aid site safety products include dressings and plasters, general first aid kits, burn kits, eye wash solutions and stations, defibrillators and report books for logging incidents. Make sure you are prepared for any workplace incident with our range of first aid equipment.

Floor safety   -   This type of site safety encompasses anything that is designed to make the floors - both internal and external - of your workspace safer for personnel visiting or working on site. This includes anti-slip tapes, grits and rock salts for outdoor walkways, anti-fatigue, anti-slip and entrance mats and more general floor protectors.

Heating and ventilation   -   Designed to circulate fresh air or to warm up cold workrooms, we stock a variety of heaters, dehumidifiers, air conditioning units and fans to keep workers suitably warm.

Identification and inspection   -   This category of site safety allows you to easily identify workers and visiting personnel to keep your workspace safe and secure. These types of products include warehouse labels, identity discs and tags as well as inspection guides and books.

Ladders, steps and access equipment   -   This category of site safety products includes step and regular ladders, kick stools, access ramps and towers and decks to ensure that every facet of your workplace is accessible to all in a safe manner.

Security   -   From safes and CCTV equipment to key fobs and padlocks and blank keys, security is a crucial component of keeping your work site safe.

Signs and guides   -   A cost effective and highly efficient of conveying important site safety messages to both workers and visiting personnel to your work site. Signs and guides fall into various categories including warning, mandatory, first aid and prohibition signs amongst others.

Spill control   -   In some workplaces, spills are an unpreventable hazard. Our range of spill control products enable you to keep your site safe in the event of a spillage, falling into the category's absorbent granules, absorbent pads, mats, rolls, socks and pillows to name a few.

Traffic management   -   This type of site safety product involves anything that serves the function of directing foot and vehicular traffic around an area that has been cordoned off. Products that fall into this category of site safety include barriers, cones and lane marking tapes to name but a few.

Two way radios and accessories   -   Also known as walkie-talkies, two way radios allow you to keep in touch with personnel when at different parts of the workplace.

Considerations when choosing a site safety product

Potential workplace hazards - By the nature of certain workplaces such as materials handled, equipment used and number of personnel on site, some sites may be subject to hazards that others aren't. To find the right site safety product for your workplace, it's important to effectively evaluate the potential risks and hazards that your site faces. This is normally determined by a thorough risk assessment in line with the regulations that your site is subject to.

Number of personnel - To align with regulations, certain workplaces and sites are required by law to have the correct site safety kit that covers the amount of personnel that are on site at any one time. It's always best to check what regulations apply to you and how many people are on your site at any given time to make sure you have the correct amount of site safety equipment to keep all personnel safe in the event of a hazard.

Regulations and laws - There are multiple health and safety regulations, guidelines and laws that apply to different premises and businesses. Every business must have a Health and Safety policy and if you have more than five employees, then this policy must be written down. It's important to check which other regulations apply to you and your business or workplace when purchasing site safety products to ensure you are adhering.

Site safety jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you to shop our range of site safety equipment, so here are some key terms that will help you understand the range and applications a little better.

What is the HSE and does it apply to my workplace?

HSE stands for the Health and Safety Executive and is the national regulator for all things health and safety related in Britain. They are dedicated to keeping personnel and work sites safe, injury free and healthy whilst at work. Every business must have a Health and Safety policy in place and if you have five or more employees, then this policy must be written down and shared with personnel. For more information on the HSE and how they can help with health and safety in the workplace, visit their website.


What are the site safety rules?

Site safety rules will vary depending on the type of workplace or work site. It's best to check what regulations, rules and laws apply to your workplace and have a thorough risk assessment performed to effectively meet legal requirements when it comes to site safety.

Why is site safety equipment important?

In order to effectively protect personnel on your site as well as the machinery and equipment used, site safety equipment is a must. Not only are workplaces subject by law to provide the correct level of site safety equipment, they are also morally obliged to protect personnel when on site and minimise the risk of injury.