HSS Type Annular Mag Drill Hole Cutter Long

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Cutting edge geometry increases cutting performance and reduces cutting forces producing a solid Slug of material which is ejected when the cutter breaks through and the hole is complete. Cutters are faster, easier and are more accurate than the conventional twist drills or drill bits.

Features and Benefits:
■ Cutters are made of super tough high speed steel (M2 grade) with 3/4" weldon shank compatible with all magnetic drills

■ Accurate, symmetrical, fine finish hole cutting capabilities

■ Reduced friction between the HSS core drill and the material

■ Time and energy savings

Typical Applications:
■ The ideal choice for all your magnetic drilling & cutting applications. Designed for use in fabrication, construction, railways, petrochemical and any other applications when drilling ferrous metal, structural steel, plate, tubing or material that requires a fine finish hole.