Rawhide Soft Faced Hammers

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A safer alternative for striking machined surfaces than conventional steel hammers, this range of rawhide faced hammers are impact resistant. The striking faces shape themselves to the component being struck, minimising rebound damage to the component and reducing noise pollution in the work place. The striking faces can be easily replaced once they have become worn. Rawhide manufactured from genuine water buffalo hide, tightly coiled and pressed three times under powerful hydraulic presses to ensure uniform quality and maximum durability.

Features and Benefits
• Malleable iron head has a robust construction
• Solid wooden handle is comfortable and allows the user to deliver solid blows
• Two rawhide faces provide maximum durability and quality
• Designed to minimise damage to the workpiece when striking
• Faces can be replaced when worn down

Typical Applications
• Metalworking
• Assembly

• Replacement Faces: 70-08R
• Replacement Handle: 99-AA