Dual Purpose Copper and Rawhide Soft Faced Hammers

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A safer alternative for striking machined surfaces than conventional steel hammers and ideal for use when the striking area is fairly small, these dual purpose hammers are suited for use on machinery. The impact resistant striking faces shape themselves to the component being struck, minimising rebound damage to the component and reducing noise pollution in the work place. Both the rawhide and pure electrolytic copper striking faces can be easily replaced once they have become worn. The product is available in a range of sizes and specifications to ensure you find the product to best suit your needs.

Features and Benefits
• Copper face delivers a high-impact blow safely
• Rawhide face offers a resilient and solid blow whilst ensuring no marks are left on your material
• Ergonomic wooden handle is designed for optimum grip and comfort whilst using

Typical Applications
• Automotive trade
• Industrial
• General duty dual purpose

• Each individual element of the hammer can be replaced separately with the following Manufacturers Part Number:
• Replacement Hide Face - 70-14R
• Replacement Copper Face - 71-314C
• Replacement Handle - 99-AA