Spare Striking Faces Rawhide

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Manufactured from compressed water buffalo hide, these replacement striking faces are designed for use with malleable iron head hammers and split head hammers. Available in a range of sizes to suit your pre-existing hammer.

Features and Benefits
• Manufactured from compressed Water Buffalo Hide for durability and strength
• Hide face absorbs the shock of the blow and transfers the force to the item being struck without fear of damage to protect your workpiece but still deliver a firm blow
• Ideal where a heavy blow is required combined with a relatively small striking area for both precision and strength
• Faces are designed to wear and can be replaced to save you from buying an entirely new hammer
• Available in a variety of sizes to suit your pre-existing hammer

Typical Applications
• Assembly
• Construction

• THO5290115A - To fit Hammers ref 01-008, 03-208
• THO5290116B - To fit Hammers ref 01-010, 03-210 and 34-RH125
• THO5290117C - To fit Hammers ref 01-012, 03-212 and 34-RH150
• THO5290118D - To fit Hammers ref 01-014, 03-214 and 34-RH175
• THO5290119E - To fit Hammers ref 01-016, 01-016WT, 03-216, 03-216WT, 03-216SFG and 34-RH200
• THO5290120F - To fit Hammers ref 01-022, 01-022L, 03-222, 34-RH275 and 34-RH275FG