XF Series Euro Couplings

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A heavy duty design to meet the demands of all manufacturing and end user applications. Offering superior flow characteristics - free air flow at 7bar/100psi : 135cfm (3820ltr/min). Quick release action with corrosion resistant plating compatible with European adaptor styles CEJN320, RECTUS 25 and 26 series.

Features and Benefits
• High flow rate of 130cfm @ 100psi to enhance tool efficiency
• Hardened steel construction makes for overall durability of the components
• Corrosion resistant finish bolsters product longevity
• Steel shoulder prevents accidental disconnection and ensures positive lock
• The Euro standard adaptor profile is compatible with XF Adaptors
• Each coupling is date stamped to increase traceability and increase quality performance
• Blue PCL silicone band ensures the authenticity of the product

Typical Applications
• Automotive
• Engineering
• Workshops