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Heavy Duty Nylon Retracting Airline Hoses

2 Variations

Fitted with solid brass couplings with a 360° swivel and spring protectors, this product can be used in any direction. Ideal for use in awkward access areas, these products have the ability to recoil to a smaller size than its working length when not in use leaving the work place clear of entanglement hazards. Supplied in an attractive and vivid yellow colour and constructed of durable nylon.

Features and Benefits
• Has a recoiling action that retracts the product to a fraction of its length when not in use to ensure your work area is tidy
• Couplings with 360° swivel and spring protectors allow the product to be used at all angles
• Available in two sizes to find the product that best suits your needs

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use in places that are awkward to access due to its pliable and flexible nature