HSS-E PM Coated Fine Pitch Ripper: Series 94, Regular - Peak Power Coated

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Series 94 - Regular
Centre cutting. Weldon shank to DIN 1835B. Cutting diameter to js12. Shank diameter to h6. Dimensions to DIN 844.

The latest enhancement of the SwissTech range, these cutters deliver excellent performance when cutting difficult materials, even at high speeds.

Manufactured from premium PM (Powder Metallurgy) tool steel, with an excellent cutting geometry. Designed for strength and rigidity, minimising vibration in high speed cutting applications and providing improved productivity.

These cutters are further enhanced by the SwissTech Peak Power? coating, suiting dry cutting applications, having higher oxidization resistance and hot-hardness than conventional TiALN or TiCN coatings, withstanding the high thermal loads associated with high speed cutting applications.