Cut 9 Round Tree Carbide Rotary Burr

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Cut 9 Chipbreaker fast stock removal for improved control and reduced chips for use on hard materials, i.e. steel alloy 50RC, 60RC, carbon and cast iron.

Features and Benefits
• Hard carbide construction for improved cutting hardness
• Cut 9 chipbreaker for greater stock removal and reduced chips
• Ideal for use on hard materials

Typical Applications
• Deburring
• Polishing
• Grinding

Please note:
• Work piece and tools should always be steady and well supported
• Carbide burrs are not suitable for 'milling' large amounts of material, they are for light stock removal and high revolutions 'LOW FEED - HIGH SPEED'
• Always ensure that at least 70% of the shank length is clamped by the collet or chuck of the tool being used
• Always ensure that the tool is rated to the recommended operating speed of the burr