HSS-Cobalt Heavy Duty Straight Shank Jobber Drills (Metric)

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The Kennedy range of HSS-Co heavy duty straight shank jobber drills provide durable and reliable cutting performance at high temperatures and speeds thanks to the addition of 5% cobalt to their alloys. Their toughness and heat resistance allows them to to drill steels with tensile strength up to 1,400 N/mm², very hard bronze, stainless steels as well as heat and acid resistant steels.

Long lasting the cutting edges retain their sharpness for longer periods, maximising performance and productivity, whilst also being resistant to corrosion.

Features and Benefits
• Made with a 5% cobalt alloy for optimal performance at high speeds and temperatures
• Allows for optimal cutting of metals up to a tensile strength up to 1,400 N/mm²
• 135° point angle for precise hole making and efficient cutting
• For applications including steel, bronze, stainless and acid resistant steels
• Extended lifespan on cutting edge, required less sharpening over time
• Excellent corrosion resistance extends the lifespan of the tool

• Manufacturing Standard: BS 328, DIN 338B

Typical Applications
• Cutting and drilling
• Hard metals
• Stainless steel
• Bronze

• Available in sizes 1-13mm