Multi-Pro Spot Drills & Chamfer Mills - Uses C32 GUX Inserts

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A spotting drill with all the advantages of indexable inserts - reduced tool maintenance time, increased performance, lower inventory cost and no regrinding requirements. The insert clamping method ensures accurate and secure location with quick change-over times. Multi-pro has a unique geometry which allows cutting over the centre line, using carbide, without chipping of the cutting edge. This versatile tool may be used to ‘spot’ holes prior to drilling, as a means to guide the drill and keep the hole straight, to keep size and accurately position, relative to the datum. NB. The 118° inclusive tool is recommended for ‘spotting’ prior to drilling with 118° point drills. Countersinks may be produced prior to drilling to provide a corner break on a drilled hole, a chamfer conforming to drawing specifications, a lead in for a subsequent tapping operation, or a full countersink to accommodate a screw head. Corner chamfers on edges, contours and bores can be machined as light de-burring operations or full depth chamfers. Multi-pro may be used to produce vee grooves for fluid channels, locations for round components and grip pattern or serrations on jaws and clamp pads.