Mop Handles

An essential janitorial product that contributes to hygiene and overall cleanliness at home and in the workplace, mop handles help keep your floors looking spotless for years to come.

Cromwell stocks an extensive range of quality mop handles, suitable for use across a wide range of cleaning applications. Take a look at our full selection of mop and broom handles below.

What are mop handles?

Mop handles are usually telescopic, providing versatility and ease-of-use throughout a number of cleaning tasks.

They fit to mop heads and other attachments via secure attachment systems - either standard, quick-connect, or screw-on. Cromwell stocks a variety of each type, meaning you are bound to find the right mop handle to suit your existing mop attachments.

Why a mop handle?

Mops are an efficient and highly cost-effective way to keep an area clean and bacteria-free.

Cleanliness is vital throughout the workplace, and most countries enforce high standards of cleanliness through vigorous health and safety practices. By keeping a workplace clean, free of spills, and without excess debris, workplaces can prevent unnecessary accidents, injuries, or damage.

A mop is one of, if not the most effective tool to keep floors clean and free of dirt. With the right mop handle, users can easily clean a large area in a relatively short amount of time.

Mop handles are, for the most part, mix-and-match with any mop head. Simply push the mop handle into the slot for an easy, interchangeable cleaning solution. This can prevent cross-contamination and can allow for multiple types of mop or broom to be used with only one handle, saving time and cost.

When are mop handles used?

Mop handles play a vital role in janitorial tasks across virtually every industry. From warehouses to offices to at home, cleanliness is vital. This makes mop handles a necessary addition to any cleaning equipment.

Need a hand choosing the right type of mop handles for your usage? Feel free to get in touch with our experts, who offer personalised and free advice to help you find the cleaning products that best suit your needs.

Considerations when choosing a mop handle

When choosing the right mop handles, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind to ensure you get the best products for your needs:

• Colour coding - Several mop handles are colour coded to allow for easy identification. This can also prevent any cross-contamination in sensitive environments.
• Handle material - Mop handles are available in aluminium, polypropylene, reinforced glass, wood, and stainless steel.
• Quick release - Mop handles with a quick release enables fast, painless changes and cleaning for increased productivity.

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