Assorted Aluminium Oxide Mounted Point Sets

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Selected shapes suitable for a vast range of internal grinding operations. For use with portable die grinders. 3mm and 6mm shank sizes. 'Rubenite' aluminium oxide grade for general use on metals.

Always ensure that the speed of the portable tool never exceeds the maximum operating speed of the consumable.

Features and Benefits
• All points are aluminium oxide with rubenite™ as standard.
• Suitable for portable die and straight hand grinders
• For all general purpose grinding and deburring on steels and most metals

• 5-piece set contains:
• 1x A5, A24 and A26
• 1x W177 and W205
• Supplied in clear bag with header

8-piece set contains:
• 1x A5, A24, A25, A26 and A39
• 1x W177, W186 and W205
• Supplied in clear bag with header

• 24-piece set contains:
• 1x A5, A15, A24, A26, A32, A37 and A38
• 1x B44, B52, B53, B81, B91, B97, B122, B123 and B135
• 1x W144, W153, W163, W176, W177, W186, W205 and W220
• Supplied in fitted wooden bench case